About the NUI Galway UniCoV App

The NUI Galway COVID Tracker App, developed originally by the University College Cork, is a smartphone app to help users conduct a self-check for (a) COVID symptoms and (b) COVID infectious risk, before attending the University campus. It is also designed to allow participants to log their test results via their smartphones.

How to access the App

The app is hosted on the Microsoft Power App and is available to download for Android and Apple iPhones via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Power Apps
Power Apps
Price: Free

‎Power Apps
‎Power Apps
Price: Free

Once downloaded, you can access the application by logging into Microsoft Power Apps using your NUI Galway Office 365 account. Once logged in, you can begin using the app immediately.

You can also access the app on your laptop or desktop by clicking here.

How-to Guide

The App makes the following available to all NUI Galway students and staff who are participating in the UniCoV study:

  • Enter current status with regards to symptoms
  • Log your test status & upload antigen test results via the barcode of your test
  • Change the symptom and infectious risk status

In order to get set up on the application, please follow these steps:

Launch the NUI Galway UniCoV application

Open the Microsoft Power App application and log in using your NUI Galway Office365 username and password. You can find the UniCoV Test Logger app in the 'All Apps' menu in Power Apps:

Confirm and Accept the two statements presented:

Complete your Details and Vaccine Status:

Using the App to Log your Status

To log your daily status via the app, press "Log Status" on the Home Screen and proceed to log your symptoms and infectious risk status. You may be required to select the test types you prefer to test with. Options include: Antigen, Saliva or both. Upon selection, this will take you to your test required.

Using the App to Log Test Results

After completing the status screens, and should you have no symptoms or infectious risks, you will be requested to enter your antigen test results. Please follow these steps:

If you are happy with the image, you will see "Submit" become active and you can submit your photo of your antigen test strip. If you need to re-take the photo, please press "Try Again" and repeat the photo steps. Once submitted you will advance to the barcode scan screen:

Press the yellow "Scan Barcode" text and once the camera is enabled, place your test tube in the green square on the screen. Line the barcode up with the red line in the centre of the screen. The app will automatically detect the barcode and process the label. Upon successful scan, you will see your barcode number. Ensure that this number corresponds with the number on the test tube and press the "Submit" button.

Viewing your latest test results

Once you have completed the process of entering your results, you can view your results in the app: